Want to make additional revenue ?

Refer customer to Ultimate Mobile

Who can benefit from reffering customers to
Ultimate Mobile?

IoT Hardware Manufacturers

Frustrated with dealing with hardware customer support issues around incorrectly configured or provisioned SIMs?

Make sure your end customers are being supplied with Specific SIMs, services and expert technical support designed to enable them to make the most of your M2M / IoT Hardware.

IoT Solution Providers

Want to make sure your customers make the right choice for connectivity but you don’t have the time, systems or processes in place for managing ongoing billing relationships or supporting connectivity issues?

Working with Ultimate Mobile gives you peace of mind that your customers are in good hands and can use your service uninterupted

IoT Solutions Consultants

Helping a client build an IoT solution?

Make sure they’re not missing out on a critical component by letting them buy a retail data plan off the shelf. Working with Ultimate Mobile means your customers have access to IoT specific data plans and experts who can help make sure connectivity isn’t a barrier to market.

Retail Mobile Stores or MVNOs

Do you supply customers with retail phone and data plans but often have to turn away IoT/M2M specific business due to a lack of plan flexibility or resources?

Partnering with Ultimate Mobile allows you to still sell to and profit from IoT customers without needing to employ specialist staff or negotiate specific plans.

Benefits of the Ultimate Mobile Partner Program

Trailing Commission on Customer Purchases

Rather than selling our services directly, we offer our partners the ability to simply refer business to Ultimate Mobile. Where this referral leads to the conclusion of a commercial agreement with Ultimate Mobile the referring partner is entitled to a percentage of the monthly revenue generated through data or value added services. This option is best for organizations that don’t have the time or resources to manage an ongoing billing relationship with customers.

Co-Marketing and Incentives

Ultimate Mobile can offer a number of prospect incentives to help you offer additional value to your sales. These can include but are not limited to; Free SIM Cards, Developer Kits, Reduced Rate or Free monthly data plans for a set period and Reduced Rates on Ultimate Mobile Value Added Services.To promote our partnership we are open to joint promotion through various mediums including digital, social, print and co-branded trade events.