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Unlimited Talk, Text. & Data, E-sim

Our Services

M2M Sim Cards

Connect your device to the largest mobile network in North America with Ultimate Mobile. We stock a variety of form factors: Standard, Micro, Nano, Industrial and Machine Solderable.

M2M Data Plans

Mobile data plans designed for M2M and IoT Devices, that are tailored to your needs.Our flexible group data plans put you in control with smart automation and notifications.

M2M Wireless IP Networking

Need something more than public internet access? Static IP, VPN & Managed IPWAN services are available through Activate Wireless IPX.

Industry leading M2M Control Center

Do more with your M2M SIM Cards with our control centre. Connection diagnostics, real time status reports, notifications and alerts available.

Expert Support

Frustrated dealing with companies that don’tunderstand your business? Local customer support who understand M2M hardware and connectivity inside out.

Advice & Consultancy

We have been working with M2M devices for over 10 years – let us take the pain out of development and get you to market quicker.

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Are You Sick of Paying Excess Usage?

Here at Ultimate Mobile, we do not believe in excess usage.

We believe you should be on the right plan for the amount of data you need. With our managed services and specialised scripts, our team of Customer Service Managers will pro-actively get in touch with you when you are going over your data pool and provide advice on the best way to manage that extra data. This way, you only pay for the plans you need and can avoid bill shock.

Cellular plans

No Contract, No Credit Check, You're Always in Control!

Plan options include :

  • World Class Customer Support
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • No Contracts / No Credit Checks
  • All Major Carrier Networks Supported
  • Low Overage Rates
  • Online Management Portal
  • Secure
  • Refer Friends and Earn Free Service

Integrated ILD

International rates

International long distance:

  • Australia $0.0092
  • Brazil $0.0079
  • Canada $0.0026
  • China $0.0057
  • France $0.0059
  • Germany $0.0051
  • Haiti $0.1965
  • Hong Kong $0.0107
  • India $0.0095
  • Italy $0.0032
  • Mexico City $0.0026
  • South Africa $0.0140
  • UK $0.0018

Become a Distributor

Earn High Monthly Residual And Maintain Your Customer Base

Distributed Program:

  • Become a Master Agent or Dealer and earn the highest industry commissions on a monthly basis
  • Access to a Full Turnkey Web-based Dealer Portal
  • Distributors have the ability to sell all major US Carriers, International Long distance
  • Distributors collect their commission in REAL TIME at the point



Devices Connected


Projects Finished


Business Solutions


Terabytes of Data

Explore Our Solutions

M2M & IoT Industry Solutions :

  • Business Continuity & Failover
  • Smart Utilities
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Digital Media & Signage
  • Medical & Patient Monitoring
  • Payments & POS
  • Remote Management & SCADA
  • Security
  • Transport, Telematics & Logistics

Reviews and Ratings

Randall A. Dean

Asheville, NC

“I’ve been with Ultimate Mobile for 4 years now – Great network, great service and it works in rural Oklahoma where T-Mobile and Sprint don’t.”

John L. Ray

Pembine, WI

“Ultimate Mobile is a great cheap cell phone plan: The unlimited global plan is one of the best – Mexico calling is included.”

Linda W. Rangel

Mountain View, UT

“Good plans and the support is excellent. I have an Android phone that was unlocked. Transferred my number and was switched over in less than an hour. I save a lot of money each month.”

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